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Cybug Scarab

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Cybug Scarab

Brief Description of this Kit:

The CYBUG KIT is designed to behave and appear insect-like and has full obstacle avoidance and reversing motors.The robo-organism is nocturnal ( most active at night ) and can be configured to be photo-tropic ( light seeking ) or photo-phobic ( light avoiding ). A quick adjustment of the potentiometer causes the CYBUG to behave aggressively as a predator or timid and slow moving like a herbivore. No two CYBUG are exactly the same and you will come to recognize the unique characteristics of each!The CYBUG's behavior can be enhances by adding on the Higher Brain Function daughter-boards: The HUNGER ( HBF-1 ) and PREDATOR (HBF-2). Instruction manual discusses operation of CYBUG and all components used at a novice level.( Kit requires soldering iron and basic handtools. 3 hours estimated completion time.)
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