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Moon Walker II

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Moon Walker II

Brief Description of this Kit:

Not one but two! Light AND sound! MOON WALKER II has combined the technology of two sensors. A whimsical indication of future trends MOON WALKER II begins to walk when it detects a change in light intensity or sound commands. MOON WALKER II continues its four-legged voyage until instructed by an internal timer to stop. This kit presents an engaging opportunity to learn about some of the mechanics operation and history of robots. When assembled this robot uses a phototransistor to sense changes in light (such as turning on a lamp) and a condenser microphone to sense changes in sound (such as clapping). It converts those stimuli into electronic signals to power a motor and MOON WALKER II will walk forward for a time. When it stops affecting other change in light or sound may activate it again. The sensors can be adjusted for different sensitivity levels.
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