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Lynx 5 Programmable Robotic Arm Kit Combo for Personal Computer

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Lynx 5 Programmable Robotic Arm Kit Combo for Personal Computer

Brief Description of this Kit:

Watch as the Lynx 5 moves a block! <a href="/media/mvc-251w.mpg">Click Here</a> Lynx 5 Programmable Robotic Arm Kit for your PC Lynx 5 Arm A-Base A-Gripper Kit Mini SSC-II Servo Controller Serial Data Cable RoboMotion Software Lynx 5 Regulated Wall Pack About the Robot The Lynx 5 Robotic Arm Kit delivers fast accurate and repeatable movement. The robot features; base rotation shoulder elbow and wrist motion with a functional gripper. Everything is included to assemble a functional robot. A host PC or microcontroller is required to issue simple positioning commands for movement. The Lynx 5 Robotic Arm Kit is a very affordable introductory system. Some of the uses include; hobby robotics school or science fair projects light industrial proof of concept technical education artificial intelligence programming and experimentation etc. The Electronics The pre-assembled Mini SSC-II makes easy work of controlling up to eight servos. The Mini SSC-II receives positioning commands from a PC and provides the control pulses to the servos. The Mechanics All of the hardware and laser cut structural components are included to build the robot. Six high quality Hitec HS-422 servo motors are also included. The Software The DOS software is written in Quick BASIC ver 4.5. It allows you to move the arm via the keyboard save positions to a script file single step and play the scripts back save and load the scripts to disk. The source code is included in ASCII so you can modify it. The DOS software is available on our web site in the files section. The RoboMotion for Windows program allows you to teach the robot from the keyboard or joystick. The arms gripper is positioned in an X Y Z grid in inches and the moves are stored in a spreadsheet format for easy editing. This software is included in the kit. Robot SpecsNo of axis = 4 + Gripper Servo motion control = local closed loop Height (arm parked) = 5.5; Height (reaching up) = 14.5; Reach (forward) = 11; Gripper opening = 2; Lift weight (arm extended) = approx. 3 oz Weight (without batteries) = 20 oz Range of motion per axis = 90/deg; or 180/deg; switch selectable Accuracy of motion per axis = .36/deg; or .72/deg; switch selectable Servo voltage = rated for 6 vdc commonly used at 7.2 vdc Servo current required (idle) = 10mA each Servo current required (moving) = 130mA each Servo torque = 49 oz-in Servo speed =
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