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Science Fair Projects Kits Review GTI2500

Brief Description of this Kit:

<ul><li>DSP Microprocessor Controlled Operating System<li>Enhanced PowerMaster Circuitry<li>LCD Graphic Target Imaging/Treasure Vision û Size and Depth Matrix<li>LCD Graphic Target Analyzer<li>24 Notch Discrimination<li>Sharp Audio Target Response<li>Target Size Data<li>Ramrod Stem Design with Armrest<li>Hipmounting of Battery Pack<li>Waterproof Elastomeric Membrane Touchpads<li>Imaging Searchcoil Series û 9.5" and 12.5"<li>Optional Interchangeable Non-Imaging Searchcoils û 4.5" and 5"x10"<li>Optional Pinpointing Depth Multiplier û part number 1611800<li>Automatic Pinpointing û Non Motion<li>True Coin Depth Reading</ul>
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