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Sea Hunter Mark II

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Sea Hunter Mark II

Brief Description of this Kit:

<ul><li>Microprocessor Controlled Pulse Induction Operating System<li>Automatic Cancellation of Salt and Ground Minerals<li>Frequency û 750 Pulsation Per Second (PPS)<li>Submersible to 200 Feet (65 Meters)<li>Full Range Discrimination<li>Audio Target Alert Indication<li>Submersible Underwater Headphones<li>Dual Discrimination Modes<li>Standard Discrimination Mode<li>Conventional Pulse Detection. Constant Audio Threshold. Slight or Weak audio signals indicate Small or Deep Targets. Loud Strong signals indicate Large or Shallow Targets. This offers the deepest detection possible and is particularly useful in areas where little trash is experienced.<li>Discrete Discrimination Mode<li>Sea Hunter Mark II Exclusive Feature. It is similar in operation to detectors with Motion Discrimination. It provides more enhanced and precise target discrimination. Constant Audio Threshold until an acceptable target is encountered. It then gives a sharp audio response characteristic of motion detectors. This Unique Feature is especially useful in areas of high trash concentration.<li>Buoyancy: Near Neutral</ul>
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