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Science Fair Projects Kits Review Mirage

Brief Description of this Kit:

New Tech Kites Mirage HZ-NTK50055 The Mirage is a Delta Conyne a cross between a plain delta (triangular flat wing) and a Conyne which is a French variant of the box kite but triangular rather than square in section. The Delta Conyne is renowned for its superior low-wind performance giving it plenty of time to recover and wait for the next gust of wind. Its wings are capable of flexing and adjusting to changing wind conditions making Delta Conynes popular on beaches country fields and city parks. If you want to enjoy the best features of both a box kite and a delta then the Mirage is the kite for you! Specifications Dimensions: 60 x 27 Windrange: 5-20mph Construction: Ripstop Nylon with Fiberglass Frame
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