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Lionel O-27 Pennsy Flyer Set

Science Fair Projects Kits Review Lionel O-27 Pennsy Flyer Set

Brief Description of this Kit:

With smoke pouring from its stack and its headlight ablaze this mighty 4-4-2 steam locomotive races across the countryside hauling fast freight to the big port cities of the Eastern Seaboard. Listen to the whistle of the Pennsylvania Flyer howl signaling the beginning of a new O gauge railroading adventure. Set includes: 4-4-2 steam locomotive and tender boxcar gondola with four canisters caboose three straight FasTrack track sections eight curved FasTrack track sections a FasTrack terminal section CW-80 Transformer How-to instructional video and smoke fluid. Locomotive features: Transformer controlled forward neutral and reverse operation Air whistle in tender Operating headlight Operating coupler on rear of tender Powerful maintenance-free motor Traction tire Puffing smoke unit and Die-cast metal locomotive body with metal frame and trucks. Rolling Stock features: Operating couplers Opening doors on boxcar and Four removable canisters on gondola. Length: 46 1/2 inches. Layout dimensions: 40 inches x 60 inches.
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