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The purpose of this experiment was to acquire a percentage number for the accuracy of horoscopes. The hypothesis was that most of the subjects that were tested would find that their horoscopes would be at least 50 percent true and that very few, if any of them would find that their horoscopes would consistently be at least 90 percent accurate.
Difficulty: High school
No single method of instruction is superior in every discipline or environment for every student. This survey of the literature covers a variety of instructional methods. Included are references to case studies comparing teaching strategies, reports of experiments that attempt to evaluate and assess the superiority of one method over another, historical reviews, comments on current issues, and pre
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment is to show the kidneys ability to alter the output of urine in response to the ingestion of different liquids such as tap water, isotonic saline (gatorade or any other sport drink), and coffee. Various fluids affect the kidney in different ways. My hypothesis states that coffee will cause the kidneys to excrete urine more frequently than the other fluids consumed in
Difficulty: High school
Do hidden stimuli pass stealthily though the doors of perception? If so, do subliminal messages have any effect on the minds they invade? In the late 1950s, the American public was troubled with such questions after concealed ads were reportedly shown to unwitting movie-goers.
Difficulty: High school
microscopes can magnify between 50 and 1200X using a single objective at a time. The majority of these instruments are used in Biology, whilst others are used in metallurgy, mineralogy and other areas. The simplest models are equipped with a single eyepiece, whilst more complex one have binocular eyepieces and may be equipped to use a camera. Even though they have two eyepieces each provides the eye
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment was to compare the bacterial content before and after the use of Clorox wipes on the inside and outside door handles of restrooms. I became interested in doing a project on bacteria because I am interested in a career in medicine, biology or microbiology. In addition my mom has taught me about avoiding bacteria in restrooms and encouraged me to use a paper towel
Difficulty: High school
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