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Video games are very popular, especially among young people. While playing video games, many of us become very alert and focused as they attempt to complete the game successfully. In this experiment, you will determine how blood pressure is affected by playing video games, both alone and in competition with other players.
Hydroelectric facilities are built at the base of dams to take advantage of the high pressure of the water at the bottom of a reservoir. The water pressure is funneled through a tunnel through the dam called a penstock. The water then is focussed on the blades of a turbine. Water pressure of the water turns the turbine, and the turbine turns a generator making electricity. This simple experiment
Difficulty: Elementary school
Students will determine how and why an egg is able to go into a bottle due to changes in air pressure.
Difficulty: Middle school
This experiment was performed to ascertain the factors that increase the rate of evaporation of water. The factors under examination for this experiment were the surface area of the body of water, air temperature and air pressure.
Difficulty: Elementary school
This experiment was conducted to ascertain how air pressure affects the rate at which helium gas escapes from latex balloons.
Difficulty: Middle school
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