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You may wish to do this demonstration outside. This apparatus will use air pressure to propel tephra (sand) into the air. A fan disperses the tephra downwind where it accumulates to form a cinder cone. Visibility of the tephra is enhanced if a white sheet or cardboard is used as a backdrop and drop cloth.
Difficulty: High school
Mariotte siphons or Mariotte bottles (figure 1) are devices that provide a constant pressure that will deliver a constant rate of flow from closed bottles or tanks. The flow rate will depend upon the head as defined in figure 1 and not on the height of the free water surface. These devices find many uses where a nonchanging pressure is needed. One application in agriculture is for applying liquid
CategoryBiology > Botany
Difficulty: High school
We often read in road safety guides and magazines that we should always ensure that the tires on our cars are properly inflated with the correct amount of air pressure. Aside from affecting safety, under-inflated tires supposedly result in higher fuel consumption. This science fair project was conducted to determine if this is indeed true – ie: how does tire pressure affect the gasoline mileage
Difficulty: High school
This experiment was performed to find out how practising yoga might affect the blood pressure of a person. The experiment was done by comparing persons practising yoga for 1 week and persons watching television during the same period of time
Difficulty: High school
This science fair project was performed to study the effect of green tea on the heartbeat of daphnia. The science project experiment was done by comparing green tea and Altace, a blood pressure medication.
Difficulty: High school
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