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The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether the efficiency of a carbon filter decreases faster at higher concentrations of chlorine.
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment is to test the effect of a phosphate on the oxygen levels in pond water. I believe that the phosphate will have an effect on the level of oxygen in the pond water. I think that the pond water with only ten drops of the phosphate mixture will have have more oxygen than the pond water with fifty drops of the phosphate mixture.
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment was to discover how pollutants of varying concentrations harm aquatic life. I became interested in this topic when looking through a list of ideas. I thought it would be interesting to see what pollutants were the most harmful to aquatic environments. I am also concerned about pollution of our water because I enjoy many water sports including skiing and swimming.
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether the level of certain chemicals in the tributaries to the Yakima River was different in the rural area of the Umptanum Creek compared to the urban area of the Wenas Creek.
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment is to test the water near animal pens in Batesburg-Leesville for fecal contamination. I hypothesize that the wells located near the animal pens will be more likely to show fecal contamination than the wells that are not near animal pens.
Difficulty: Middle school
To demonstrate what happens in an oil spill, fill a glass bottle two-thirds full of water. Add blue food coloring to make the "ocean."
Difficulty: Elementary school
It has always been a concern of mine that local bodies of water might have fallen victim to chemical pollution as a result of dumping or acid rain. My experiment will allow me to determine the amount of buffer capacity if any is in three local bodies of water.
Difficulty: High school
The Phoenix metropolitan area, like many large cities, has problems with air pollution at certain times of the year. You can do a simple experiment to determine some of the factors that affect air pollution.
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if the level of turbidity in water affected the amount of dissolved oxygen. I became interested in this idea because I am interested in water quality and environmental issues. I am interested in water quality because dissolved oxygen keeps fish and other animals alive. The information gained from this experiment could be useful to the fish and wil
Difficulty: High school
The problem with increased CO2 is its affect on global warming. CO2 is not a pollutant but it does trap infrared heat from radiating back into space. This phenomenon is known as the greenhouse effect. This global warming then affects global ecosystems by having effects on water vapor and other climate features. If CO2 levels continue to rise, the results to the planet are difficult to gauge. Som
Difficulty: Middle school
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