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This experiment was conducted to find out what conditions will help prevent bread becoming moldy. The bread was kept in different environments to observe the time taken for the mold to appear.
Difficulty: Elementary school
This experiment was performed to find out if soap bubbles will be able to stay afloat longer in different environments. The experiment was done to compare how long air bubbles float in air and carbon dioxide.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which automobile anti-freeze is most biologically safe.
Difficulty: Elementary school
To observe the reaction of living cells to mechanical and chemical stimuli. To observe the streaming of protoplasma in living cells. To identify the relationship between cell response and survival.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What do you think will happen if the plants are too close together? Will there be enough food, water, and sunlight. What else might be in short supply?
CategoryBiology > Botany
Difficulty: Elementary school
Demonstrate phenomenologically the effects of acid rain on our environment and perform long-term "real-time" experiments.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Although we can't always see them, microorganisms are present in almost all environments. Many can be grown in the laboratory on plates containing a solid, nutrient-rich medium (agar plates). After several days, a single bacterial cell grows into a population of bacterial cells that is visible to the naked eye. This population of cells is called a microbial colony. In this exercise we will test
Difficulty: Elementary school
This lesson is a good one for students to have a better understanding for their environment. It is important for students to have an understanding for the things around them. El Nino effects us every 3-5 years and that will definitely be in the students life time. It is important for students to know about the weather patterns and how they are effected by the El Nino effect. Through doing
Difficulty: Elementary school
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