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How do magnetic fields affect the rate of flow of water?Featured science projectScience project video
This science fair project investigates how the magnetic field emanating from a permanent magnet will affect the rate of flow of water through a narrow passage. The experiment will be done using salt solution and tap water, with a magnetic field as well as without a magnetic field.
CategoryPhysics > Forces and Motion
Difficulty: High school
Effect of temperature on magnetsFeatured science projectScience project video
This science fair project was conducted to find out how temperature affects the strength of a magnet. The tests were done using 5 permanent magnets at 0 degrees Celcius, 25 degrees Celcius, 50 degrees Celcius, 75 degrees Celcius and 100 degrees Celcius.
CategoryPhysics > Miscellaneous
Difficulty: Middle school
Electromagnets and the number of coilsFeatured science projectScience project video
This experiment was done to investigate the relationship between the number of turns in a coil and the voltage induced in it by a moving magnet.
CategoryPhysics > Electricity
Difficulty: High school
How does a bar magnet's field interact with the earth's magnetic field?
The magnetic field around a permanent magnet, like the gravitational field around a massive object, is not only invisible, but hard for students to comprehend. With no concrete experience to draw from, they tend to ignore this basic concept, or at best, memorize facts about it. This activity shows how to map a magnetic field, and to find how a bar magnet's field combines with the Earth's magnetic
CategoryPhysics > Electricity
Difficulty: Elementary school
How to build a magnetic linear acceleratorFeatured science project
This very simple toy uses a magnetic chain reaction to launch a steel marble at a target at high speed. The toy is very simple to build, going together in minutes, and is very simple to understand and explain, and yet fascinating to watch and to use.
CategoryPhysics > Electricity
Difficulty: Elementary school
How to build a homemade magnetometer to study how the earth's magnetic fields are affected by solarFeatured science project
Solar storms can affect the Earth's magnetic field causing small changes in its direction at the surface which are called 'magnetic storms'. A magnetometer operates like a sensitive compass and senses these slight changes. The soda bottle magnetometer is a simple device that can be built for under $5.00 which will let students monitor these changes in the magnetic field that occur inside
CategoryPhysics > Astronomy
Difficulty: High school
How to build a levitating train using magnetsFeatured science project
This is a great demonstration of like poles repelling each other. We have a platform which floats above a pair of magnetic tracks, and can be gently pushed to one end or the other. This is similar in concept to the MAGLEV trains which are being worked on in Germany, Japan and France
CategoryPhysics > Electricity
Difficulty: Elementary school
What effect do magnets have on the growth of seedlings?Featured science project
The purpose of this experiment is to determine whether magnets have an effect on the growth of radish seedlings. I became interested in the study of the effect magnets, when I discovered that magnets could make you heal faster. Later I decided that that it would be a better idea to study the effect of magnets on plants to keep it a safe experiment.
CategoryBiology > Botany
Difficulty: Middle school
How do magnetic field lines look like?Featured science project
Iron filings align themselves in strong magnetic fields. This reveals the shape of the field patterns. A similar thing happens with the electric fields created by high voltage and by "static electricity." If small fibers are exposed to a very strong electric or magnetic field, they will align with the field and make it visible.
CategoryPhysics > Electricity
Difficulty: Elementary school
How to create a heat engine with the help of magnetism
I originally built this toy using a Canadian nickel coin. Canadian nickels are made of pure nickel, unlike U.S. nickels, which contain so much copper that they are not magnetic. You can build the toy with the nickel or with the Radio Shack rare-earth magnet.
CategoryPhysics > Heat (Thermodynamics)
Difficulty: High school
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