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Music has been proven scientifically to have beneficial effects, both mentally and physically. Music has been shown to reduce blood pressure, change our heart and respiration rates, relieve stress and muscle tension. How you ever wondered whether music also affects our short term memory? Many students prefer to study while listening to music, and maybe they should in fact do so, if doing so
Ever forget someone?s name? Despite your efforts to remember the name, you come up blank. Only when you stopped trying, the name comes back to you. In this science fair project, you will evaluate how stress affects our memory.
Why is it that some people have better memory than others? There are a number of factors that can influence memory, and sometimes people are better at remembering certain types of information, while they have a more difficult time remembering information of another nature. An example of this is that some people are very good at remembering faces but have trouble remembering numbers. Whether
It is known that students who exercise tend to achieve better academic results than those who are sedentary. Exercise can even improve your memory in the short term; that is, if you exercise shortly before an exam, you might be able to remember more information and get a better score. In this science project, by performing memory tests using everyday objects, you will examine whether exercise
The purpose of this experiment was to see how long disgusting taste can linger in the memory of mice. I believe that the mice will not be able to tell a difference between the Lithium Chloride and the food without Lithium Chloride.
Difficulty: Elementary school
This experiment was performed to find out if memory retention can be improved by reading words out loud as compared to just looking at, and reading flash cards. It is intended to show that students who are actively involved in the classroom discussions learn and retain more information as compared to their passive, non-participating peers.
Difficulty: Elementary school
This science fair project was performed to find out how the memory of boys and girls can be affected by anxiety. The experiment was done by performing a memory test on students under normal conditions in a class, as compared to performing the test on a stage during the school assembly.
Difficulty: Elementary school
This science fair project was performed to find out if having breakfast every morning will help to improve the performance of students in school. The students’ performance was tested by giving them memory tests and comparing the performance of those who had breakfast with those who had skipped breakfast.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The objective of this experiment is to investigate whether the gender of a person will affect his or her ability to recall information from his or her short term memory. The experiment will involve participants looking at 20 objects for two minutes, after which the participants will be required to list down the items that they can recall.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of this experiment was to determine if colored versus black and white printed words affects human memory.
Difficulty: Middle school
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