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Music has been proven scientifically to have beneficial effects both mentally and physically. Music has shown to reduce blood pressure, change heart and respiration rate, relieve stress and muscle tension. Do different styles of music affect blood pressure in different ways? Which music works best in reducing blood pressure? This is the purpose of this experiment.
Music has been proven scientifically to have beneficial effects, both mentally and physically. Music has been shown to reduce blood pressure, change our heart and respiration rates, relieve stress and muscle tension. How you ever wondered whether music also affects our short term memory? Many students prefer to study while listening to music, and maybe they should in fact do so, if doing so
Did you know that sound is produced by vibrations? Have you ever hit a drum? When you strike a drum, you will cause the drum skin to vibrate very quickly. This "pushes" the air around the drum, producing sound that reaches our ears. Can you think of other things that produce sound? Today, we are going to make our own music with water and a glass. At first glance this doesn't seem possible. How
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which type of music decreases the restless naptime behavior of childcare children more, classical music or soft rock. The information gained from this experiment will help parents and childcares around the world get their children to rest better during the day.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of this experiment was to determine to what degree music affects the nap time behavior (restfulness) of preschool children in childcare.
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment was to determine how two different tempos of music would effect 6th grade boys' blood pressure.
Difficulty: Middle school
My hypothesis is that classical music will help the plants to grow. I also believe that the plants that listen to country will have their growth stunted.
CategoryBiology > Botany
Difficulty: Middle school
The objective of my project is to prove that music notes are mathematically realated, and to find an equation that will explain the relation. I hypothesized that different lengths of a 60cm. string where the fret is placed, will produce speculated note and will fit in a mathematical equation.
Difficulty: High school
My science fair group’s experiment had to do with the heart beat. We had kids walk up and down stairs for 3 minutes and recorded the heartbeat. Then we had them do the same thing 2 more times, except that music was playing (rock and classical) while they were running. My hypothesis was that music would not have an effect, but it raised the heartbeat. My favorite part of science fair
Difficulty: Elementary school
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