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How can plants be used to measure the level of air pollution?
Difficulty: Middle school
In this project, you will: # List the materials used in disposable diapers. # List the functions of diapers. # Identify environmental problems of diapers in landfills.
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment is to determine which method of water purification, filtration, distillation, or solar pasteurization, is most efficient by treating tap and river water for pH, chlorine, total hardness, nitrate, phosphate, ammonia nitrogen, copper, and iron. These processes will also be tested to determine their effectiveness of removing E. coli B that has been previously introduced
Difficulty: Middle school
The purpose of this experiment is to test the effect of a phosphate on the oxygen levels in pond water. I believe that the phosphate will have an effect on the level of oxygen in the pond water. I think that the pond water with only ten drops of the phosphate mixture will have have more oxygen than the pond water with fifty drops of the phosphate mixture.
Difficulty: High school
The purpose of this experiment is to test the water near animal pens in Batesburg-Leesville for fecal contamination. I hypothesize that the wells located near the animal pens will be more likely to show fecal contamination than the wells that are not near animal pens.
Difficulty: Middle school
It has always been a concern of mine that local bodies of water might have fallen victim to chemical pollution as a result of dumping or acid rain. My experiment will allow me to determine the amount of buffer capacity if any is in three local bodies of water.
Difficulty: High school
The amount of trash placed in landfills and sanitary dumps is a major concern. Let's look at how much space trash really occupies.
Difficulty: Elementary school
This year for our science fair project we decided to work with bioluminescent bacteria. We heard of bioluminescent bacteria through our science teacher. From there we decided to investigate. Bioluminescence is the giving off of light by an organism without heat. We read that bioluminescent bacteria are being used to diagnose the amount of pollution in water. We believe that the pollutants
Difficulty: Middle school
We would like to do a survey research project to find out what students know and feel about air pollution. Our hypothesis states that the majority of the responses to the factual questions about air pollution on the questionnaire will be answered correctly.
Difficulty: Middle school
In this experiment I plan to prove that burning trash is a good alternative to landfills. Burning trash takes up less space and creates less pollution. The danger of the overfilling of landfills prompted my research. Burning trash creates less pollution and takes up less space.
Difficulty: Middle school
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