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Kendra's Science Project, 7th Grade

Awards Earned:

1st Place, 7th Physical Science, PCA Science Fair
2nd Place, 7th Physical Science, ACSI Science Fair
1st Place, Medicine & Health, Lehigh Valley Science Fair

Photograph of Kendra's Science Project
Problem to be Solved:

Which body lotion will keep the most moisture from evaporating?


Vaseline will work the best because it is the most commonly used body lotion.


One graduated cylinder
Six 7-cm diameter qualitative filter papers (available from any biological or chemical supply house)
Five different brand name lotions
A quarter teaspoon measurer
One bottle of rubber cement
Five baby food jars

Pour ten milliliters of water into each of your five graduated cylinders. Then, pour the water into five baby food jars. Measure ½ of a teaspoon of each of your five lotions and spread it over each of your filters with a different brand on each filter. Spread rubber cement over the rim of each jar. Place one filter over each baby food jar. Place each jar on your table, counter, or any flat surface at room temperature. Let them sit for 12 hours, but check the jars every two hours to measure how much water has evaporated. Remove the filter and pour the remaining liquid back into the graduated cylinder to measure the liquid remaining. 

Control Group:

One baby food jar with 10ml of water, one filter, and no lotion.


The control group lost 150% as much water as St. Ives.


My hypothesis was incorrect. Vaseline is not the best moisturizer. St. Ives is the best moisturizer. The control group placed last.

Biblical Application:

1 Corinthians 6:19 says "Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own?" This applies to my experiment because we need to take care of our bodies because it is a temple of God, and we need to honor Him by keeping it healthy and strong. Keeping your skin fully moisturized is part of keeping your skin healthy, and keeping your skin healthy helps to keep your body healthy too.

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