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Researched by Christian H. 


What they do 
Cosmetologists mostly work at salons, their job is to cut or design hair, apply makeup, do facials, manicures, and pedicures. They work about forty hours a week. The tools that they use are combs, scissors, brushes, makeup, curling iron, finger nail polish, mousse, hair spray, gel, shampoo and conditioner. Cosmetologists also prepare cleaning solutions to clean the tools that they use. All combs, scissors and all the other tools that they use have to be sanitized before being used again. Cosmetologists serve about ten to twenty clients a day. They clean their station between each procedure. What’s so good about this job is that sometimes you can make your own work schedule. An aspect that is not very good is having customers who are grouchy and standing for a long time.

Training and licensing 
A cosmetologist should study math and art. To get a license to be a cosmetologist you would have to pass an exam given by the State Board of cosmetology. To qualify for the exam a candidate has to have at least a 10th grade education, It is 1600 hours of approved cosmetology instruction and you have to be seventeen years old. Training includes cosmetology technique demonstration. Students learn how to perform different services by watching instructors perform duties. Some schools teach students how to work with male and female hair and skin because male and female skin is different. Some cosmetologists start this career at their high school-counseling center.

Cosmetology has been around almost as long as people have. Makeup goes back to the Indians. The Indians would use berries to put on people’s faces to make them look good. Also in President George Washington’s day women would put on a little bit of makeup for a party.

Employment in cosmetology is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations throughout the year 2010. Competition is expected for jobs and clients at higher paying salons. Day spas are expected to grow, and manicures and pedicures are expected to grow as fast as average.

The earnings for a beginning cosmetologist are$9.50 per hour. If you had experience you get about $12.50 hour. Now if you had at least three years of experience you get paid about $16.00 an hour. The average earnings for a full time cosmetologist vary. Some might be paid an hour rate or salary. Some cosmetologist work on commission. Cosmetologists often receive tips from their clients. They’re usually allowed to keep the tips but sometimes they have to pay taxes on the tips they receive. In the United States cosmetologists earn between $11,510 and $45,822 per year, the average salary is between $19,100 and $24,800 per year. In New York or Hollywood you could get about $300 per haircut, so their salary can go up over $100,000. 
Working Conditions  
Cosmetologists work in a clean place and with good light surrounding them. Most salons have their own separate areas. Cosmetologists have to stand a lot, stoop, and reach the whole day. Normal or corrected vision and good eye hand skill is also required. Exposure to chemicals might cause allergic reactions to skin or lungs for some people. 

The Right Candidate 
Cosmetologists should enjoy helping people. They also should talk with their clients about what they want. Cosmetologists must do what their client wants; they should enjoy learning new skills. They update skills by attending classes or three seminars a year 
Who I Interviewed And What I Learned 
I interviewed Pauline Holloway who is a cosmetologist, on Jan.27th, 2002. I chose Pauline because she has been involved with cosmetology since 1974. Pauline showed me some of the products that she uses like scissors and combs. She has some scissors that thin out your hair if it’s really thick. The scissors that she uses thin either 25% or 35%. Also she has scissors that cost about $100 to $300 in the store. Pauline has a shop in her home so she is her own boss and she can make her own hours. I would like to thank Pauline Holloway for taking her time to let me interview her.


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