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L. W.

The purpose of this project is to find out if processing foods produce gases. My hypothesis is that processing foods will produce gases.
Fresh, frozen, and canned corn, string beans, apples, and carrots were ground up separately. A half teaspoon of each type of food was put into different test tubes. Then, a half teaspoon of distilled white vinegar was added to each test tube. Each test tube was then shaken for thirty seconds. Then, a balloon was placed over the top of each test tube, making sure that there was no air in the balloons. Each balloon was pushed down a half inch onto the top of the test tube. Heat was then applied to the test tubes to simulate body temperature. The foods were left for eight hours and then the balloon width was measured by flattening out the surface of the balloon.
Processing foods do produce gases. Processing foods do produce a small amount of gases. on the Carrots 01' the apples. processing the corn and string beans did produce a small amount of gas.

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