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Tiffany Eargle

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of synthetic steroids on the growth of chickens. The predicted outcome was that the group that received the steroid, Depo-medrol would gain the least amount of weight based on last year's experiment.

Sixteen chickens were obtained and broken into four groups with no regard to gender. Each chicken was marked a color and was weighed every other day for forty-five days. At the 33 day mark groups B, C, and D were administered the separate steroids at 2mg/ml for the individual weight. Group A received no steroids because it was the constant group. The weights were recorded and the data was compiled to obtain the results.

The results of the experiment did support the hypothesis. The other groups receiving steroids were stunted to an extent, but the Depo-medrol had the most effect on the weight gain. The Control Group, Group A gained the most weight because it received no inhibitor.


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