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Miranda Barnes

The purpose of my project is to see if an animal's sleep habit can be altered by artificial light. I think that you can alter an animal's sleep habit by artificial light. The reason I think this is because animals are not that smart, and it would be easy to confuse them. I am going to measure their activity during the day and during the night.

The experiment was very simple. First the materials were purchased, and then they are set up in their testing areas. Next the same amount of food and water was given to each hamster. Then the lighting arrangements were made. That will continue for two nights, so the hamsters will get used to the lighting. Next a video camera was put on hamster #1 for 24 hours, and then put on hamster #2 for 24 hours. Next the video was watched, and the activity of the hamsters was recorded. Then the video camera was done the same for two more trials, and data was recorded.

I concluded that you can alter an animal's sleep habit. I measured the activity of each hamster, three trials, and the artificial light did confuse them. The hamster's activity was rated on a scale from one to five.

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