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Earth shattering secrets for building winning mousetrap powered cars, boats, racers, and vehicles - Doc Fizzix
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questions about mousetrap racers
QUESTION 1: how does a mousetrap powered car work?
QUESTION 2: how do I make a mousetrap powered vehicle?
QUESTION 3: what materials should I use to make my racer?
QUESTION 4: where should I place the mousetrap for the best performance.
QUESTION 5: how long should I make my vehicles lever arm for best performance?
QUESTION 6: my mousetrap racer is spinning out at the start, what can I do?
QUESTION 7: my mousetrap powered racer does not travel straight!
QUESTION 8: my mouse trap car starts great but then quickly, and sudenly stops. In some cases it even rolls backwards after it has stopped.
QUESTION 9: as my car is moving, the wheels or axle eventually rubs on the side of the frame causing my racer to stop rolling.
QUESTION 10: mousetrap's snapper arm falls quickly and my racer moves slowly or not at all.
QUESTION 11: when I release my vehicle it does not move and the lever arm does not move.
QUESTION 12: my vehicle starts moving on its own but then begins to slow and eventually stop moving with plenty of travel left on the mouse trap.
QUESTION 13: how can I make my vehicle go faster?
QUESTION 14: how can I make my vehicle go further?
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mousetrap cars: Secrets to Success

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