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What Color Light Shines the Brightest Through Fog?
by  Chris B. and Philip M.


Our hypothesis is that the yellow light will shine the brightest through the liquid because yellow light has the longest wave lengths.
We wanted to find out what color light would shine the brightest through fog.

1. Jar with no label
2. Milk 
3. Water 
4. Flashlight 
5. Cellophane wrap colored film, 
6. Light meter, an instrument that measures the intensity of light

1. Buy colored cellophane wrap and rent or buy a light meter.
2. Get a jar and remove the label. 
3. Cut different colors of cellophane wrap and fold them into squares. 
4. Fill the jar with water. 
5. Add two teaspoons of milk to the water. 
6. Stir milk and water to form a cloudy liquid. 
7. Put the light meter behind the jar and the flashlight in front of the jar. 
8. Shine the flashlight through the cloudy liquid into the light meter. The light meter will measure the intensity of the light shining through the clouds formed in the liquid. 
9. Put different colors of cellophane wrap film over the flashlight to make different colors of light. 
10. Record the brightness or strength of the different colors of light shining through the liquid.

The blue light had 6.3 lumens.
The red light had 8.1 lumens.  
The purple light had 7.5 lumens. 
The green light had 6.8 lumens. 
The orange light had 8.4 lumens. 
The yellow light had 8.8 lumens.

Our hypothesis was correct. Yellow shined the brightest through the fog.
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Timber Ridge Magnet School

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