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What do science fair judges look out for?
Science Fair Projects for students of all ages

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There are broadly speaking, 5 types of science fair projects that you can do:

1. The investigative project

This is a project that asks a question, constructs a theory or hypothesis, draws a conclusion and then tests that hypothesis by constructing an experiment using the scientific method. By far, this is the most popular type of science project.

2. The laboratory experiment

This is a project that repeats an "experiment" found in science books, textbooks, workbooks and other references. This experiment does not seek to investigate new theories.

3. The report or poster

This is a project based on extensive research done in books and other materials in order to write a paper on the chosen topic. Backboards (posters) are then used to illustrate key concepts from the research paper.

4. The hobby collection

This is a project that consists of either a collection of objects, or features interesting artifacts. It involves library research but no hypothesis is tested. An example of this type of project would be an antique coin collection.

5. The model construction

This is a project that involves the construction of a model that may illustrate a scientific principle. An example of this type of project is creating a model of the solar system.



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