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Preparing your report
Now that you've done all the hard work, putting together the final report should be a fairly simple task. What you'll need to do is simply put together all of the different parts of your project. As long as you've completed each stage of your project properly/thoroughly, you shouldn't have to spend any more time on each of the sections (eg. the research, materials list, experiment procedure, data and analysis). For your final report, you should set out the various sections in the following order:
  • Question
  • Hypothesis and experiment variables
  • Research
  • Materials list
  • Experiment procedure
  • Experiment results and data
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion (including how you might improve your experiment)
  • Bibliography
  • Acknowledgements


1. a list of books or other material on a subject

2. a list of sources used in the preparation of a book, thesis, etc

3. a list of the works of a particular author or publisher
This is a list of all reference materials which you used for your science project. At a minimum, you should have at least 3 sources of reference for your bibiography. The information that you can include in your bibliography are

- the author's name

- the date of the publication

- the name of the publisher (often, the publisher is not the same as the author)

- the volume and edition number of the publication

- url (web addresses) for websites that you referred to

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