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Displaying Your Project

You should obtain a copy of the safety rules before you begin to think about your display. The safety rules will advise you as to the list of materials that are prohibited and are unacceptable for display.

You should also make sure that your project topic is approved by your teacher even before you start work on the project.

Generally, what is unacceptable for display are live animals, microbial cultures or fungi, animal or human parts except for teeth, hair, nails and dried animal bones, all liquids, chemicals, open or concealed flames, batteries with open top cells, combustible materials, aerosol cans of household solvents, controlled substances, any hazardous material, sharp items such as knives, needles and syringes, gases. Although the display rules for every science fair may be a little different, the following checklist will help make sure that your display is acceptable and pleases the judges.

General advice on displaying your project

Make sure that all lines and edges are straight. Crooked displays give the judges an impression of sloppiness. A good scientist should never be sloppy!
  • Lay your letters on the display board first to see how it looks before sticking them on. Make sure that your letters are displayed in a straight line. You should use a ruler and draw a straight line first as a guide before you stick the letters on. Make sure that the bottom of each letter lines up properly against the rest.
  • Use a large font for the project title and a smaller font for each of the headings. For the headings, you can also use a different color from the rest of your text. However, you should not use too many colors as this might distracted the judges. Most of the ordinary text should be black in color.
  • Place all typed material on a colored backing such as construction paper. Make sure that there is a border of at least an inch all around.
  • Make sure that your wiring and electrical connections comply with all safety standards. Get help from an adult for this.
  • Pack a kit of stationery comprising of colored pencils, markers, erasers, felt pens, glue, tape, paint etc - basically anything that you may need to do last minute touch ups to your project display.
  • Cover the table with a clean colored cloth before putting up your display. Choose a color that matches the color scheme of the display board. This will enable your project to stand out from other projects displayed next to it.
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