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Judging your science project

Science fair judges normally add or subtract points from an average benchmark score that they have selected. If you can satisfy all of the points below, you will generally score high marks.
1. Objectives of the project
a. Were ideas presented clearly?

b. Were issues stated clearly?

c. Were all variables and the controls thoroughly defined?

d. Was a brief description of the background relating to the problem presented?

e. Were solutions presented (if any)?
2. Skills relating to the project
a. Was the participant knowledgeable about the equipment used?

b. Did the participant perform the experiments independently?

c. Did the participant demonstrate the skills necessary to do the work?
3. Collection of data
a. Was the entire process neatly documented in a journal?

b. Were records systematically organized?

c. Were experiments repeated to verify results?

d. Did the participant spend adequate time on the project?

e. Does the participant have verifiable results?
4. Interpretation of the data
a. Were charts, tables and graphs used to interpret data

b. Did the participant use research to interpret the collected data?

c. Did the participant use a wide enough pool of data to give an accurate interpretation of results?

d. Was the participant responsible in using objectively collected data. (Do not make up your own data).
5. Project Presentation
a. Is there a complete and comprehensive report?

b. Does the report should look professional (as much as possible)?

c. Did the participant answer questions accurately, politely and confidently?

d. Did the participant use the display to aid him or her in making the presentation?

e. Did the participant justify conclusions based on his or her results?

f. Was the participant able to summarize what he or she has learned?

g. Did the participant present a display that shows creative ability?

h. Was the participant original in displaying his or her project?

i. Was the presentation attractive and interesting?

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