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This experiment was performed to ascertain the effect of aquatic plants on the acidity levels of our oceans. Carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere have been on the rise mainly due to the burning of fossil fuel and deforestation. The...
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My experimental purpose was to determine if the color of light affects the amount of oxygen created through the process of photosynthesis by elodea, a type of aquatic plant. ...
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Ten (10) students say the top of the leaf takes in gases because when rain and watering cans water plants it comes from above and hits the top of the plant leaves first. Ten (10) say the bottom of the leaf takes in gases because after...
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To measure the amount of starch left in a leaf of a geranium plant under the following conditions; carbon dioxide increased, decreased and neither increased or decreased....
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Light energy is the key to photosynthesis. A relatively narrow portion or the visible light spectrum is most active in photosynthesis. By performing experiments that selectively filter out different wavelengths of light you can learn...
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