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I used a computer to make model peptides with repeating pentapeptide blocks of the type of [AAAAA](n) and [DAAAK](n), where n is the number of blocks; n=1-4. I modeled extended, strand, and helical structures. I measured and compared the stabilities of the peptides with and without energy minimization. I used the programs Insight II, IsisDraw, and DeepView.
Difficulty: High school
The Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCMB) is a simple device. The adsorption of a compound on the quartz surface causes a decrease in the resonance frequency that is proportional to the mass adsorbed. My goal was to use the QCMB to prepare a biosensor capable of measuring baculovirus particles.
Difficulty: High school
Graves# Disease is a form of hyperthyroidism often accompanied by Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy (TAO), an autoimmune-mediated inflammation of the extraocular connective tissue. Despite numerous studies to locate the specific factors that regulate the swelling and produce an effective cure, neither of these goals has been achieved. Recently, scientists discovered that Prostaglandin E(2) (PGE(2)
Difficulty: High school
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