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This science fair project was conducted to ascertain if increasing the sample size of participants in a survey can produce more accurate results. The science fair project was done by determining the number of left-handed persons among 100...
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This survey was done to discover the relationship between the price of a Big Mac hamburger and the GDP per capita of a...
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This project's objective is to conclude which is more economical to buy or to rent houses or apartments for different incomes. It will also determine the sufficient down payment, and the length of mortgage. Renting an apartment will...
Intermediate 4
My objective was to determine which AI computer player wins the most games. I believe the more aggressive player, Type A, will win more...
Advanced 7
The purpose of my project was to determine whether random chance alone or other factors affect the frequency of win/loss streaks in baseball. My hypothesis was that factors other than random chance affect the frequency of win/loss streaks...
Advanced 7
The objective was to determine if the use of a Gaussian probability device actually follows a repeatable, predictable model of a bell...
Advanced 7
The purpose of this experiment is to introduce students to probability, how it is used, and where it came...
Advanced 7
By analyzing the recorded data of the past and developing mathematical tables, spreadsheets and graphs, I attempted to find conclusive patterns that would assist in future earthquake...
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