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Comparing the levels of pollution in different urban locales
This science fair project was o to examine the pollution levels in different urban locales. Specially, what is the air quality of different parts of a city like? Samples of air were collected in a city park, a school, a market, a city bus station, the city hall, a hospital, a building top and in a home.
Difficulty: Middle school
Does the level of air pollution vary during the week?
To determine relationships between amount of pollution and time of day or week.
Difficulty: High school
Effect of acid rain on buildings
This science fair project was conducted to understand which building materials are more easily damaged by acid rain. The science project was done using marble, limestone, granite and brick
Difficulty: High school
Effect of acid rain on sunflower growth
This science fair project was conducted to find out how acid rain affects the growth of sunflower plants. The science fair project was carried out by watering the plants with water of different pH levels.
Difficulty: High school
Effect of traffic flow on the release of pollutant gases
This science fair project was performed to compare traffic flow and pollution emission at different times of the day. The observation was done on a highway by monitoring the average speed, amount of vehicles and the flow of traffic.
Difficulty: Middle school
Environmental Pollution: The effect of carbon dioxide on plant growth
Global warming occurs when greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere trap and retain heat, altering the earth’s climate. Plants are affected by higher greenhouse gas levels, even though they consume carbon dioxide and sunlight to make energy. This science project encourages students to compare the growth of a plant under natural conditions with a plant that has been exposed to extra carbon diox
How to investigate the quality of air.
This air quality activity will have the students conduct an experiment to sample and measure the particulate matter in the air at various locations and/or elevations in the schoolyard. This is an easy activity that can easily be scaled up or down depending upon the grade level.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Levels of carbon monoxide emission by aging cars
This science fair project was performed to compare the amounts of carbon monoxide gas released by cars of different ages. The tests were done by comparing the emission levels of a new car, a 5-year-old car, a 10-year-old car and a 20-year-old car.
Difficulty: High school
Road traffic flow and pollution
This science fair project was performed to better understand the relationship between road traffic flow and emission pollution at different times of the day. The science project involved monitoring traffic conditions beside a highway - including average traffic speed, the number of vehicles and flow patterns.
Difficulty: High school
Snow pollution
Is snow cleaner in the city or in the country? This science fair project was performed to determine if snow found in urban areas contain more particles and contaminants. The experiment was done by collecting snow samples from various locations in the city as well as locations 5km, 10km, 15km and 20km out of the city.
Difficulty: Middle school
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