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This experiment was performed to ascertain the effect of carbon dioxide on environmental temperature. Industrialization has brought about deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels on an unprecedented scale and this has increased the emission of CO2 significantly. The results of this experiment will show how the increased level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is contributing towards making our...
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This science fair project was conducted to find out how different surface conditions affect atmospheric temperatures caused by the greenhouse effect. The testing was done using a surface of water, sand, black soil and carpet...
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Use the scientific method to explain the greenhouse effect and global...
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The penguin population in Antarctica is diminishing. Scientific teams have already investigated predator-prey relationships, disease, and environmental pollution as possible causes. Data has been collected and analyzed. No correlation has been found between these factors and the penguins' decline. The International Symposium on Environmental Issues is meeting late next year in Sydney, Australia. Experts...
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This lesson is a good one for students to have a better understanding for their environment. It is important for students to have an understanding for the things around them. El Nino effects us every 3-5 years and that will definitely be in the students life time. It is important for students to know about the weather patterns and how they are effected by the El Nino effect. Through doing this lesson the...
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People with asthma are the only segment of the population that has been identified to be the most acutely responsive to ozone exposure. Although younger adults (teens to thirties) experience larger lung function changes than do older adults (fifties to eighties), the limited data available do not suggest that children have larger responses than young adults for a given...
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This paper tests whether individuals engage in avoidance behavior in response to information about pollution, and whether this behavior explains the lack of epidemiological evidence of an association between ozone and health. To ascertain whether ozone affects health, I first test whether “smog alerts” lower the incidence of asthma hospitalizations in Southern California from 1989 through...
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Over the last half of the 20th Century, scientists discovered three key facts about the ozone concentration in earth's atmosphere, namely: (1) The concentration of ozone was decreasing in the high altitude stratosphere over the South Pole and, to some extent, over the North Polar region as well; (2) The concentration of ozone in the lower troposphere was on the increase, particularly in urbanized regions...
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