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The goal of my project was to design a computer program that could determine the rate of diffusion between solids using the Scheme programming...
Advanced 7
My objective was to determine how the initial angle of an idealized billiard ball path, starting from a corner of a rectangular table with integral dimensions, affects whether the path will eventually end in a corner. Based on some...
Intermediate 4
The objective of this project was to achieve creating a computer program that played tic-tac-toe and that would never lose, when going it is second to...
Intermediate 4
The goal of my project was to find if a neural network would be able to learn how to play Connect 4 (a board game where the goal is to get four tokens in a row) well enough that it could beat a human opponent. A neural network is an...
Advanced 7
A neural network was designed and coded to identify decimal digits using Visual Basic and Excel. It was hypothesized that the neural network would have a 75% accuracy in recognizing the...
Advanced 7
This circuit will provide an output in Binary Coded Decimal from any of the input switches. The input switches may be expanded to 16 switches, providing a Hexadecimal to BCD...
Advanced 7
There are three objectives in this project. The first is to derive an upperbound recursive equation for Pi using regular polygons circumscribed about a circle to approximate its circumference. The second goal is to show the equivalence of...
Advanced 7
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