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Determining the effectiveness of sugar as preservatives for flowers
The objective of this science fair project is to determine the effectiveness of using sugar to preserve and keep the flowers fresh for longer periods of time. The experiment will be carried out using flowers such as the rose, carnations and lilies, and water containing different amounts of sugar
Difficulty: Elementary school
Does one bad apple spoil the whole bunch?
Does one bad apple spoil the whole bunch? How might one ripening fruit signal others to begin to ripen? What might cause synchrony? Plants use hormones to communicate among tissues. In this experiment, students are introduced to a technique used to evaluate the ripeness of fruit. They design experiments to test hypotheses about the role of hormones in synchronizing fruit ripening in apples.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Examine the effect of plant hormones on radish seeds
We are going to investigate the affects of two of those hormones on the growth of radish seeds. This experiment will also investigate the phenomenon of geotropism. A tropism is a growth response of a plant to an environmental influence. Phototropism is the typical growth of plants toward light that most of you have seen. This phenomenon is introduced in your textbook where the discovery of plant h
Difficulty: High school
How does the plant hormone Rootone affect plant growth?
The roots with the plant hormone Rootone under the greenhouse effect will grow the fastest because the Rootone is supposed to help roots grow quickly, and the greenhouse effect will keep the plants warm and moist.
Difficulty: Middle school
Simple experiments to explain the role of phytohormones in plants
The plant hormones or phytohormones are involved in all the stages of plant life from pollinisation - inducing the fecondation and the zygotic embryo development, all the way through its development into an adult plant - to flowering, development of the fruit and senecence control. The same phytohormones not only control the growth and development processes: for that, they are crucially involve
Difficulty: High school
What effect does growth hormone supplementation have on irradiated lima beans.
What effect does growth hormone supplementation have on irradiated lima beans.
Difficulty: High school
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