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A survey of the colors of everyday life
What is your favorite color? Is there certain colored clothing that you like wearing, or certain colors that you would not be caught dead wearing? Do girls really prefer pink, and boys the color blue? In this science fair project, you will gather data by observing others, in order to determine which color or colors are the most popular.
Ambidexterity and left-handedness
This science fair project was done to compare the incidence/rate of ambidexterity among left handed persons.
Difficulty: Middle school
Are boys better than girls at following instructions?
To what extent do the brains of males and females differ? Are there gender differences in the ability to perform certain tasks? Research appears to indicate that cognitive abilities may in fact differ between the sexes. In this science fair project, you will evaluate the differences in cognitive abilities between genders, by having participants of both genders read and follow a list of instruction
Color and speed
Do red cars get stopped more often than cars of other colors? Do red cars appear to go faster than other cars? It seems to be common sense, that the color red attracts more attention than other colors. However, do red objects actually appear to move more quickly than objects of duller colors? This is the subject of this fascinating, yet easy high school science project.
Comparison of multitasking abilities of boys and girls
This science fair project was done to find out if boys are better at multitasking than girls. The experiment was done by testing the time taken by boys and girls to complete a math test whilst multitasking.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Comparison of the ability of boys and girls to identify facial expressions
This science fair project was done to find out if girls are better than boys at identifying facial expressions. The experiment was done by testing the boys and girls using a test constructed with several photos of different facial expressions.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Conformity or resistance: How do we handle change?
How open are you to changing your behavior in order to "fit in"? To some degree, we all have to conform to social standards. Obeying the law, being respectful, and being polite are examples of societal expectations that we all try to follow in order to be accepted by others and not suffer the consequence for going against those expectations. In this science fair project, you find out how many part
Decision making and over-thinking
There is an assumption that the more information you have, the better the decision you can make. However, is this necessarily true all of the time? Research suggests that we sometimes over-think, leading to our making decisions that in fact go against what our intuition tells us. In this unique science fair project, you will observe how participants make a decision. One group will be provided wit
Does highlighting what you read help you remember more easily?
This science fair project was performed to find out if students using a highlighter while studying would be able to recall facts better. The experiment was done by comparing the test scores of participants who were given an essay to study without the use of a highlighter, with those who were given an essay that was already highlighted, as well as those who were allowed to make their own highlights
Difficulty: Elementary school
Drawing skills and gender
This science fair project was done to compare drawing skills of men and women. The test was done by having an art teacher evaluate the drawings of a group of randomly picked participants, both male and female.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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