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Persistence and competition: Are they mutually inclusive?
Is persistence an intrinsic attribute of people who are competitive? Can you be persistent without being competitive? In this experiment, three groups (competitive, non competitive, and a control group) will attempt a difficult task. What level of persistence will each group display in completing the task?
Self-esteem and sports
This science project was performed to investigate the effect of sports on the self-esteem of a participant
Difficulty: High school
Soccer fields Science
This science fair project was performed to determine how the turf of a soccer field will affect the bounciness of a soccer ball. The tests were done by bouncing soccer balls on fields of Kentucky bluegrass, Bermuda grass and on artificial turf.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Swing velocity of aluminum and wooden baseball bats
This science fair project was performed to ascertain the distance traveled by a ball when hit with an aluminum bat and with a standard wooden baseball bat. The science project experiment involved the participation of experienced baseball players.
Difficulty: High school
Tennis court surface type and game speed
We've heard that some types of tennis courts are "faster" than others. Why are some competitions played on hard courts (eg. U.S. Open), whilst others (eg. Wimbledon) are played on grass? This science fair project was performed to determine how the surface of a tennis court affects the speed of the game. Testing was done on a clay, grass and asphalt tennis court surfaces.
Difficulty: Middle school
Tennis racquet grip and fatigue
This science fair project was performed to study the effect of failing to grip a tennis racquet properly while serving tennis balls. The science project experiment involved evaluating the standard/typical continental grip and an unconventional grip.
Difficulty: High school
Tennis racquet string tension and ball speed
This science fair project was carried out to understand how the string tension level of a tennis racquet will affect the speed of the ball during play. The experiment was performed using 2 different levels of tension.
Difficulty: High school
The effect of exercise on memory
It is known that students who exercise tend to achieve better academic results than those who are sedentary. Exercise can even improve your memory in the short term; that is, if you exercise shortly before an exam, you might be able to remember more information and get a better score. In this science project, by performing memory tests using everyday objects, you will examine whether exercise real
The Effects of Breath Meditation on Runners
"Hitting the wall," is a common phenomena experienced by runners, and it is characterized by physical or mental fatigue. Experienced runners learn not to give in to these sensations, instead they continue to push themselves and "run" through it. In this science fair project, you will determine what effects breathing meditation has on "hitting the wall."
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