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Balanced golf balls
This science fair project aims e to find out if a balanced golf ball is easier to putt.
Difficulty: Middle school
Baseball batting in an indoor and outdoor stadium
Have you ever wondered whether a baseball batter performs differently when he plays in an indoor stadium (instead of outdoors). Does the fact that he's indoors, somehow have a psychological effect on the batter and limit his abilities? Well, that's the purpose of this science fair project.
Difficulty: Middle school
Corked baseball bats versus regular wooden bats
This science fair project was performed to ascertain the distance traveled by a ball when hit with a corked bat and with a standard wooden baseball bat. The science project experiment involved the participation of experienced baseball players.
Difficulty: High school
Correlation between ring finger length and athletic ability
This science fair project was conducted to find out if there is any correlation between the ring finger length of women and their athletic ability. The testing was done by comparing the ring finger lengths of athletic girls and non-athletic girls.
Difficulty: Middle school
Do aluminum and wooden baseball bats, when swung at the same speed, produce the same ball distance?
This science fair project was undertaken to compare the performance of aluminum and wooden baseball bats if the bats were to be swung at the same speed.
Difficulty: High school
Does using a swimming cap make a swimmer swim faster?
This experiment was done to investigate if using a swimming cap can help a swimmer swim faster.
Difficulty: Middle school
Factors that Influence Reaction Time
The time it takes for us to react to our surroundings (reaction time) varies depending on a variety of factors. Anyone who has experienced a lack of sleep, or who is on medication (such as antihistamines or other cold medicine), drunk too much alcohol, or has "something on their mind" knows how reaction time can be impacted. In this science project, you will quantify changes in reaction time due t
Is there a relationship between a person's height and the length of his or her stride?
This experiment was performed to investigate how a person’s height will affect the distance of his or her stride. Comparisons were made between boys and girls and between different age groups.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Live at high, train low
This science fair project was done to investigate the effects of living at high altitudes and training at low altitudes, on an athlete’s performance. The trial was conducted on long-distance runners.
Difficulty: High school
Mind over matter in sports
This science project was performed to investigate the effect of mind over matter on an athlete’s performance. The experiment was done to see how pre-conditioning of the mind of an athlete can affect his performance.
Difficulty: Middle school
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