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A comparison on the ability of different brands of bicycle helmets to absorb shock
The objective of this science fair project is to compare the ability of different brands of bicycle helmets to absorb shock. The experiment will be carried out by dropping a 3 kg weight on the helmets and measuring the pressure of the impact using a ball and pressure gauge.
Difficulty: Middle school
Adhesive tape strength
This science fair project was conducted to compare the adhesive strength of different types of adhesive tapes on a smooth surface. The tests were done with the use of a steel plate and cellophane tape, duct tape, scotch tape, electrical tape and masking tape.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Are Moly coated bullets really faster?
This science fair project aims to find out how the velocity of the bullets is affected by coating them with dry lubricants. The tests will be carried out using a rifle and bullets coated with molybdenum sulfide (moly).
Difficulty: Elementary school
Comparing the strength of solid wood with that of plywood
This science fair project was conducted to find out which type of wood is stronger- solid wood (both hardwood and softwood) or plywood. The tests were conducted by comparing plywood with two types of solid wood - redwood and oak.
Difficulty: High school
Fabric type and water resistance
This science fair project was performed to compare the water resistant properties of different types of fabrics. The tests were done using fabrics made of cotton, silk, linen, wool, polyester and nylon. Tests were also done with and without applying Scotch Guard coating.
Difficulty: Middle school
How does packaging affect the carbonation of soft drinks
This experiment was done to determine if the type of packaging material used affects the extent of carbonation of soft drinks. The experiment was done using Coca-Cola packaged in glass bottles, PET bottle and aluminum cans.
Difficulty: Middle school
Material density and sound transmission
This experiment was performed to find out how the density of a particular type of material will affect the amount of sound transmitted through the material. The experiment was done to compare the sound transmission between plywood, bakelite, glass and marble
Difficulty: High school
Reflective sunshades
This science fair project was conducted to compare the effectiveness of different types of sunshades in reducing the temperature inside a car. The tests were done without a sunshade, with a reflective sunshade and non-reflective sunshades.
Difficulty: Middle school
Slowing the melting rate of ice with reflective containers
Ever wondered if there's a cheap, and simple way to prevent ice from melting quickly? We know that using foam cooler boxes does the trick, but how about aluminum foil? This science fair project was conducted to determine if ice will melt more gradually in a reflective container. The test was done using containers covered with aluminum foil, white paper and a transparent container.
Difficulty: Middle school
Swimsuits and drag reduction
This experiment was conducted to find out how much do different brands of swimsuits assist a swimmer in reducing drag in water. This experiment was done by comparing materials from Speedo Fastskin, Aquapel Hydrasuit and a normal polyester swimsuit.
Difficulty: High school
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