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Arches - how strong are they?
This science fair project aims to investigate the strength of an arch. The experiment is carried out using plywoodof different lengths bent into an arch and fixed to a test stand.
Difficulty: Middle school
Bridge Building Basics
Bridges must be strong and bear a great deal of weight, or force, to keep us safe as we travel across them. Basic geometric shapes are used in bridge design - namely, squares, triangles, rectangles and half circles. If we use two different geometric shapes, a square and a triangle, to create the structure for a bridge's supports, which one would be able to bear more weight? This science project de
Building materials for earthquake-prone areas
This experiment was conducted to evaluate what building material is suitable for use in earthquake prone areas. The testing was done using timber, bricks and concrete.
Difficulty: Middle school
Ceiling height and room temperature
This science fair project was conducted to ascertain how the height of a ceiling affects room temperature. The science project was carried out using cardboard boxes of varying height - 1meter, 2 meters and 3 meters.
Difficulty: High school
Comparing flat and dome shaped drain covers.
This science fair project was done to compare the performance of a flat drain cover and a dome shaped drain cover. The tests were conducted using leaves, grass, soil and plastic wrappers.
Difficulty: Middle school
Comparing thermal insulation
This experiment was conducted to compare the thermal insulation properties of materials. The tests were done to compare the cooling rate of boiling water using air, sand and Styrofoam as insulators.
Difficulty: High school
Diameters and dome strength
This science fair project was done to investigate how the strength of a dome is affected by increasing its diameter while maintaining its height. As the construction of a dome is sophisticated, the tests were done using an arch, which has similar properties to a dome.
Difficulty: High school
Does the type of sand affect the durability of bricks
What makes some bricks stronger than others? This science fair project aims to compare the effect of sand particle size on brick durability.
Difficulty: High school
Evaluating the effectiveness of tidal wave barriers
This science fair project was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of two types of tidal wave barriers: Which best reduces the onslaught of tidal waves in a natural disaster? A man-made barrier (reconstructed from clay) or an artificial mangrove swamp (reconstructed from plastic grass)?
Difficulty: High school
Expansion and shrinking of wood
This science fair project was conducted to better understand how different types of wood shrink and expand when exposed to moisture. The science project experiment involved redwood, teak, black oak and red maple woods.
Difficulty: High school
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