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Blocking UV radiation
This science fair project was conducted to measure the effectiveness of various types of glass in blocking out ultraviolet radiation. The science project experiment involved normal window glass, a car windscreen without tinted glass, and a car windscreen with tinted glass.
Difficulty: High school
Crash barrel effectiveness
This science fair project was done to find out how effective crash barrels are in absorbing shock during a collision. The science project experiment involved using an empty paper cup, a paper cup filled with water and another filled with sand.
Difficulty: Middle school
Friction and speed
This science fair project was done to find out how road surface conditions affects the speed of a moving car. The testing was done using 3 types of model cars on 5 different types of surfaces.
Difficulty: Middle school
Is driving with a cell phone worse than driving while intoxicated?
This science fair project was performed to compare a person's response while driving or riding using a cell phone and driving or riding while intoxicated (within legal limits). For this experiment, we decided to involve the participation of bicycle riders.
Difficulty: High school
Riding the slope
This experiment was conducted to compare cycling and running on slopes of different gradients. The tests were done by choosing 5 paths that were flat, 10 degrees inclined, 20 degrees inclined, 30 degrees inclined and 40 degrees inclined.
Difficulty: Middle school
Speed and fuel economy
This science fair project was conducted to find out how the speed of a vehicle affects fuel economy. The science project was carried out using 5 different cars and observing the maximum distance traveled at different speeds.
Difficulty: High school
Tire pressure and gasoline mileage
We often read in road safety guides and magazines that we should always ensure that the tires on our cars are properly inflated with the correct amount of air pressure. Aside from affecting safety, under-inflated tires supposedly result in higher fuel consumption. This science fair project was conducted to determine if this is indeed true ie: how does tire pressure affect the gasoline mileage of
Difficulty: High school
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