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The purpose of this experiment is to determine the relationship between water temperature and diameter of the tornado’s...
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This science project was performed to observe the relationship between wind speed and altitude. The testing will be done using 4 anemometers located at 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m above...
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We predicted that there would be different amounts of precipitation around the United States during a given month. Further, we felt that there would even be different amounts of precipitation in the different areas of Evanston and Skokie...
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The blue color of the sky is due to Rayleigh scattering. As light moves through the atmosphere, most of the longer wavelengths pass straight through. Little of the red, orange and yellow light is affected by the air....
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By following these steps, you will have created the conditions necessary for cloud formation: water vapor in the air, smoke particles for water to collect on, and cooling of the air by lowering the air pressure within a bottle....
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At the centre of the tornado is a spinning column of air called a vortex. Some tornadoes even have more than one vortex. This project lets you see what a tornado’s vortex looks like. So grab some supplies, and let’s give it a...
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It's easy to simulate the formation of radiation fog. All you need are two bottles with a narrow enough neck that you can stick an ice cube into the...
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What is air pressure? Did you know you can make something that will measure air pressure? You can actually do a bit of weather predicting from a simple made-at-home piece of...
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This experiment will show you how factors such as temperature, wind, and surface area affect the rate of...
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Relative humidity, combined with air temperature, can be used to estimate the actual amount of moisture in the atmosphere, sometimes referred to as precipitable water. Water vapor acts as a green house gas by trapping infrared radiation...
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