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How does the depth of the ocean affect its temperature?
Different parts of the ocean have different characteristics. The temperature of the ocean varies with the depth.
Difficulty: High school
Illustrate sea-floor spreading and subduction by building a model
This report describes how to build a model of the outer 300 km (180 miles) of the Earth that can be used to develop a better understanding of the principal features of plate tectonics, including sea-floor spreading, the pattern of magnetic stripes frozen into the sea floor, transform faulting, thrust faulting, subduction, and volcanism.
Difficulty: High school
Removing oil spills with Elodea
Can the Elodea save our environment? Do Elodea plants help solve oil spill problems? If so, it would be a very cost effective, convenient, and natural way of keeping our environment clean. This science fair project was performed to determine if the Elodea plant can be used to remove oil spills in water. The experiment was done with gasoline, engine oil, corn oil and kerosene.
Difficulty: Middle school
The effect of temperature on salinity and pH of seawater
This experiment was performed to find out how temperature will affect the salinity and pH of seawater.
Difficulty: High school
What is soil erosion? Demonstrate how it happens
Erosion is the loss of soil from the land. It is a process that is always occuring but it can happen faster if we misuse the land.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Why is the ocean salty?
If the salt in the sea could be removed and spread evenly over the Earth's land surface it would form a layer more than 500 feet thick, about the height of a 40-story office building.
Difficulty: High school
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