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Does processed food produce more gas?
The purpose of this project is to find out if processing foods produce gases. My hypothesis is that processing foods will produce gases.
Difficulty: Middle school
Does the PH level of the acid in our stomachs affect the digestion of proteins?
The purpose of this project was to observe how the digestion of protein varies at different pH levels. My hypothesis was that a pH level of 4 would digest the protein fastest.
Difficulty: High school
Effect of Bird's Eye chili(i.e. capsicum frutescen) on Gryllus assimilis (the common black cricket)
This science project was conducted to determine if Bird's Eye chili can be used as a form of deterrent against Gryllus assimilis (the common black cricket). The experiment was done by spraying various concentrations of Bird's Eye chili extract on crickets.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Effect of carbonated drinks on meat
This science fair project was performed to find out if the acidity in Coca Cola can dissolve meat. The testing was done by placing pieces of steak, chicken breast and salmon into bowls filled with Coca Cola, and observing the meat for 5 days.
Difficulty: Middle school
Effectiveness of garlic in fighting bacteria
This experiment was done to find out if garlic is effective in killing bacteria. This will help us understand the effectiveness of home remedies such as the use of natural herbs (including garlic) for medicinal purposes.
Difficulty: High school
Exposure of Baby food and the degree of contamination
This experiment was done to find out if leaving baby food out of the refrigerator after it has been opened will result in bacterial contamination.
Difficulty: Middle school
Hay Horse!
This science fair project was conducted to find out which type of hay provides horses with more energy. Alfalfa, oat and clover hay were evaluated.
Difficulty: High school
How Accurately Do The Egg Producers Measure Their Eggs?
PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to see how accurately the egg producers measure their eggs. I became interested in this idea because I enjoy cooking and wondered if egg sizes were true and accurate. The information gained from this experiment would help cooks, nutritionists, or people concerned about their diet. -------------------------------------------------------------
Difficulty: Middle school
How are roads and pavements made? Can you simulate this using chocolate?
I wanted to develop a hands-on activity related to my field of interest -- civil engineering with an emphasis in pavement and materials. Asphalt cookies were the perfect solution. Asphalt cookies are chocolate no-bake cookies. The process of making these cookies parallels the procedures used to produce asphalt pavements.
Difficulty: Elementary school
How does heat affect the coagulation of eggs?
To determine the influence of heat on thermal coagulation of egg proteins. This will be accomplished by preparing custards with varied heating conditions and egg protein.
Difficulty: High school
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