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What is PH and how does it affect the suitability of soil for plant growth?
What is PH and how does it affect the suitability of soil for plant growth?
Difficulty: High school
What is photosynthesis and do plants need sunlight to photosynthesize?
Of all the organisms in the natural world, green plants are the only ones that manufacture their own food. This process is called photosynthesis and begins when light strikes the plant's leaves (both sunlight and artificial light can power this process). Cells in the plant's leaves, called chloroplasts, contain a green pigment called chlorophyll which interacts with sunlight to split the water in
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is the best depth for growing bean plants in potting soil?
The purpose of this experiment is to find out which depth is best for growing bean plants in potting soil. The procedure of this experiment was first to plant the seed in four different depths.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is the best way of making sure that fertilizer is applied to a field of crops in a uniform and consistent manner?
Mariotte siphons or Mariotte bottles (figure 1) are devices that provide a constant pressure that will deliver a constant rate of flow from closed bottles or tanks. The flow rate will depend upon the head as defined in figure 1 and not on the height of the free water surface. These devices find many uses where a nonchanging pressure is needed. One application in agriculture is for applying liquid
Difficulty: High school
What is the effect of gibberellic acid on plant growth?
The following lesson can be used as a way of approaching the scientific method during or after a unit on plant growth and development. This investigative activity will enable students to explore the effects of specific plant hormones (abscisic acid and gibberellic acid) on seed germination. They will formulate a hypothesis as well as design and perform the experiment to test the hypothesis.
Difficulty: High school
What is transpiration and which plants have the greatest transpiration rates?
Transpiration is a process where water vapor is lost through parts of plants. In order to conclude which plants transpire more, six different plants were used to collect data on amounts of water vapor given off.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is vegetable propagation and which are the best ways to do achieve this?
The purpose of this lab exercise is to provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with common methods of vegetative (asexual) propagation.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What the most drought resistant type of grass?
The purpose of this experiment is to determine the best drought-resistant grass. The game of golf is very important to me and I know that growing the perfect grass is a major objective in the construction of golf courses. Botanists and golf course designers are always looking to use the best drought-resistant grass available in order to save money. This project will give me an insight to the field
Difficulty: Elementary school
Which vitamin prevents antioxidants most efficiently in seeds?
The purpose of this experiment was to find the vitamin that prevents antioxidants most efficiently. It is predicted that Vitamin C will be the best preventive vitamin against antioxidants. This will allow the seeds to grow.
Difficulty: Middle school
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