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Are organic or inorganic fertilizers more effective?
The purpose of this project is to find out if organic or inorganic fertilizer will produce the fastest growth results. I predict the organic mixture of Alaska liquid fish emulsion will produce the fastest growth results.
Difficulty: Middle school
Changing the Color of Flowers
Have you ever wondered how flowers in a vase can survive without their roots? The water in soil travels up the roots of flowers to their leaves. Even without roots the stems of flowers can carry water to their leaves. In this science project you will actually see how flowers work.
Companion Planting
This experiment was conducted to ascertain how planting different species of plants in close proximity affects their growth rate. The experiment was done using tomato, corn and onion plants.
Difficulty: High school
Compare rate of plant growth using two different growth hormones
The propagation of plants is a very important aspect of life due to the importance of plants. The ways in which plants can be propagated are discussed due to the time that it takes to grow a plant. The fastest and most efficient way to grow plants is wanted by all the industries that produce the plants for society. I have decided to determine the fastest way of propagation by testing how cuttings
Difficulty: Middle school
Comparing the competitive nature of roosters and hens
Roosters and hens are competitive creatures. This experiment was conducted to compare the competitiveness of roosters and hens. 1 month old and 6 months old roosters and hens were used.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Comparison of growth rates of plants in and out of greenhouses
Greenhouses are used throughout the world to facilitate plant growth in difficult climates and provide a sheltered, controlled environment for gardening and farming. This project will help you examine the benefits of growing a plant inside of a greenhouse instead of simply planting it in the soil outside.
Do gases that are released in smoke enhance the germination rate of black pine seeds?
The purpose of this project is to see if gasses released in smoke enhance the germination rate of black pine seeds. I hypothesize the seeds exposed to the NO2 gas will have the highest germination rate. In order to determine if gasses released in smoke enhance the germination rate of black pine seeds, black pine seeds were obtained.
Difficulty: Middle school
Do plants grow at different rates when given different plant foods?
I wanted to know the growth difference in plants when different plant foods were being fed to them. I believed that if I used Miracle-Gro the plants would grow taller than the others, I believed this because Miracle-Gro seems to be the most popular nationally known plant food in the United States of America. I hoped that this investigation would tell me what plant food makes plants grow the fast
Difficulty: Elementary school
Do Plants Grow Better in Water or Soil?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine whether plants grow better in water or soil. I became interested in this idea when I started my experiment last year, and looking through books for research. The information gained from this experiment will help gardeners know how to grow their plants healthier, taller, and faster. -------------------------------------------------------------
Difficulty: Middle school
Do plants grow faster when grown hydroponically instead of in soil?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine in which condition plant shoots grow roots best: the conditions were in chemical solution, tap water, and soil.
Difficulty: Middle school
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