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What is the most efficient angle for windmill blades?
My first hypothesis is that the closer the blade is to 45 degrees the more electricity the windmill will produce.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What is the relationship between Potential and Kinetic energy?
This lesson is to help students more fully understand the relationship between Potential and Kinetic energy. Students should already know the definitions for work and mechanical energy.
Difficulty: Elementary school
What makes a parachute work?
This experiment teaches you how to make a miniature parachute to study how it works
Difficulty: Elementary school
Which Bridge Design is Stronger?
PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to see which type of bridge is the strongest out of three types of bridges. I became interested in this idea when I realized the increasing amount of traffic adds more weight on the bridges thus making them more likely to break. The information gained from this experiment will help civil engineers to create stronger bridges for the increasing
Difficulty: Middle school
Which household items are best for lubricating metal?
In my experiment, I planned to find out which household items lubricated metal the best. Of baby oil, Softsoap, vegetable oil, and Vaseline, I thought vegetable oil would lubricate metal the best followed by baby oil, Softsoap, and Vaseline.
Difficulty: Middle school
Which string is the strongest and the least elastic?
I wanted to know which type of string will stretch the most? I want to find out which string is the strongest and the least elastic. My hypothesis is that nylon thread will hold the most weight and stretch the least.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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