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For those who dream of giant solar collectors which can generate temperatures high enough to melt steel, below is a method for building your own Solar Furnace of any size you...
Advanced 7
I originally built this toy using a Canadian nickel coin. Canadian nickels are made of pure nickel, unlike U.S. nickels, which contain so much copper that they are not magnetic. You can build the toy with the nickel or with the Radio Shack rare-earth...
Advanced 7
Just about everyone has used rubber bands, but few people have taken the time to observe the less obvious properties of these everyday objects. In this activity you will examine the thermal properties of rubber, that is, the behavior of rubber as it relates to heat, a form of energy....
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Do different colors absorb heat...
Intermediate 4
The purpose of my project is to find out more about the flammability of household fabrics used in the home, and maybe find a relationship between the size of the fabric, the length of time that it was exposed to fire, and the length of time that it takes to burn. Since I picked out a lot of different kinds of fabric to test, I wasn't sure of what to expect. My hypothesis states that most of the...
Advanced 7
I wanted to know if SPF matters when you buy sun block. For example, does a CVS brand 30 sunblock work better than a CVS brand 15 sunblock? I also wanted to know if higher priced sunblock works better than lower priced sunblock of the same SPF? My hypothesis was that the higher the SPF the better it would protect and that higher priced sun block would work better than lower priced. ...
Intermediate 4
This project was adapted from Science Projects in Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency written by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, published and copyright 1991 by the American Solar Energy Society, and distributed by the National Energy Foundation....
Intermediate 4
The purpose of the following experiment is to demonstrate that energy from the sun can be collected and stored in many ways. In particular, it demonstrates the difference in the rate of absorption between black and white...
Beginner 1
If you are the experimental sort, you might want to try some experiments to see how different forms of insulation compare to a thermos. Or you might want to try to improve the performance of a thermos. "Can you keep hot coffee hot all day?" is the ultimate question: If you can answer this question affirmatively it is likely you could base an entire business empire around it......
Beginner 1
I wanted to find out how long it would take different types of wood to bum. My hypothesis stated that birch would burn the fastest compared to Oak and Maple. ...
Beginner 1
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