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I wanted to find out how long it would take different types of wood to bum. My hypothesis stated that birch would burn the fastest compared to Oak and Maple.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of the experiment was to determine if the shade of human hair has an effect on its ability to insulate the human body. Based on background information, the hypothesis of the experiment was that darker shaded hair would insulate better than light shaded hair.
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of this experiment is to determine if fans really cool the body and its temperature, I believe that the fan will evaporate the water it is blowing on, which is acting like perspiration on skin. The humid layer should be replaced by a dryer, cooler layer. The water in the pan which the air current is blowing on should evaporate quicker than the second pan, and it should be cooler than t
Difficulty: Elementary school
The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the type of gas inside a light bulb has any effect on the brightness of the bulb, and if so what type of gas produces the brightest bulb.
Difficulty: High school
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