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Insects are classified like all other living organisms. All insects are in kingdom Animalia, classified under phylum Arthropoda and class Insecta. They are further categorized by order according to features on parts of their anatomy, such as mouthparts, wings and legs. Insects occupy a variety of habitats, including dead wood, soil, aquatic environments, and dark and damp environments such as b
Scientists group organisms into 5 or 6 kingdoms of life: animal, plant, fungi, protist and bacteria. Many of these kingdoms can be observed in a pond water sample using a microscope. These kingdoms can be distinguished by their size, shape, appendages, color and behavior. In this science project you are going to visit a local pond, collect samples and observe them under a microscope.
Heredity can be a complicated process, but the basic principles of heredity result from the fact that you inherit half of your genes from your mother and half from your father. Because of this, heredity is comparable to a coin toss, with the genes of each parent represented by one side of the coin. For each trait that you have, you get heads or tails, your mother's or father's genes. In this proje
The purpose of this experiment was to determine which flavor ants are most attracted to.
Difficulty: Elementary school
First students make careful observations of cockroach anatomy and behavior. Due to the reputation of the cockroach, students find them intriguing subjects of study. Assessing the behavior of these insects in a maze, allows students to decide if the cockroach manifests learning or an inability to learn. The strongest piece of this activity is challenging students to design their own controlled expe
Difficulty: Elementary school
There are several natural phenomena - the rate ants walk, the rate fireflies flash, the rate of a terrapin's heartbeat, and even the frequency of human alpha brain-wave patterns - that follow the Arrhenius equation closely. This page looks at one well-studied case, the chirp rate of the snowy tree cricket, oecanthus fultoni. This little cricket, shown below, is familiar to outdoor enthusiasts as a
Difficulty: Middle school
The avian embryo is amazing and exciting. In only three weeks, a small clump of cells with no characteristic features of any single animal species changes into an active, newly hatched chick. A study of this transformation is educational and interesting, and gives us insight into how humans are formed.
Difficulty: High school
The behaviors of organisms will be repeated if such behavior results in a positive outcome. When behavior does not result in a positive outcome, such behavior will diminish. The male betta fish displays a certain behavior of warning other males to stay away. This science fair project will allow you to observe what happens when the betta's "warning" behavior stops working, which can be caused by ex
Organisms often follow a pattern or rhythm in their behavior. Birds migrate at a certain time of the year, while many animals sleep by day and are active by night. Many people can tell when lunch time has arrived without looking at a clock. Can fish do the same? This is the subject of this interesting zoology science fair project.
I wanted to find out if our pet hamster was more alert during the morning or late at night. My hypothesis was that the hamster would be more alert at night.
Difficulty: Elementary school
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