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How far can a squirrel jump?
We know that squirrels are able to hop and jump a great distance - but exactly how far can a squirrel really jump? Some say its more than 10 times the length of their bodies! This science fair project was conducted to answer this question. Our experiment involves making squirrels jump from one table to another and increasing the distance between the tables gradually, to ascertain the limits.
Difficulty: Middle school
How the frequency at which a cricket chirps can be affected by external factors
There are several natural phenomena - the rate ants walk, the rate fireflies flash, the rate of a terrapin's heartbeat, and even the frequency of human alpha brain-wave patterns - that follow the Arrhenius equation closely. This page looks at one well-studied case, the chirp rate of the snowy tree cricket, oecanthus fultoni. This little cricket, shown below, is familiar to outdoor enthusiasts as a
Difficulty: Middle school
How would a chicken's growth be affected by synthethic steroids?
The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of synthetic steroids on the growth of chickens. The predicted outcome was that the group that received the steroid, Depo-medrol would gain the least amount of weight based on last year's experiment.
Difficulty: Middle school
Is an animal's sleeping habits affected by artificial light?
The purpose of my project is to see if an animal's sleep habit can be altered by artificial light. I think that you can alter an animal's sleep habit by artificial light. The reason I think this is because animals are not that smart, and it would be easy to confuse them. I am going to measure their activity during the day and during the night.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Is creatine monohydrate the most effective vitamin for weight gain in mice?
The scientist predicted that Creatine Monohydrate would out perform any and all other possibilities of weight gain. This is a list of the way he thinks everything will fall into place, first; Creatine Monohydrate, next Centrium (daily vitamin) then last, a plain diet.
Difficulty: High school
Is it possible to tell when mealworms may be out of breath?
Is it possible to tell when mealworms may be out of breath? This simple experiment shows you how.
Difficulty: Elementary school
Is the aging process in fruit flies affected by oxygen's radical roles?
The purpose of this experiment was to find out if oxygen's radical role has an effect on aging. The hypothesis states that oxygen's radical role does have an effect on aging. Based on background information and previous experiments performed by scientists, oxygen's radical roles do effect the aging process.
Difficulty: High school
Life in the trees: leaf munchers, sap suckers and twig mimics
Insects are classified like all other living organisms. All insects are in kingdom Animalia, classified under phylum Arthropoda and class Insecta. They are further categorized by order according to features on parts of their anatomy, such as mouthparts, wings and legs. Insects occupy a variety of habitats, including dead wood, soil, aquatic environments, and dark and damp environments such as b
Rats! They ate my cables again!
This science fair project was conducted to evaluate what type of wires rats prefer to chew. The testing was done using a telephone wire coaxial wire, red PVC wire, black PVC wire, 3 core wire and speaker wire.
Difficulty: High school
Scent and fear
This science fair project was conducted to ascertain how fear affects the ability of mice to find food. The science project experiment involved comparing the time taken by mice to complete two mazes, one with and the other without the presence of the scent of a cat.
Difficulty: Middle school
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